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Trench Bloom Waste Reclamation Company
BAA03 90 Mr. Thompson
Thompson, the head of Trench Bloom, in Battle 14
Japanese name トレンチ・ブルーム
Romanized name Torenchi burūmu
English name Trench Bloom Waste Reclamation Company
Origin Scrapyard
Affiliations Esdoc Motors (former)
Type Recycler
Notable members Thompson
Debut Battle 14

The Trench Bloom Waste Reclamation Company is a Scrapyard company that specializes in recycling the waste of Tiphares.[1] It became Alita's sponsor during the latter portion of her motorball career in ES 578.[2]


After Alita made the jump from the Third League to the Second League, Trench Bloom became her sponsor. The relationship did not last long, as Alita competed in only two more races before retiring from motorball: her Second League debut race and her challenge race against Jashugan.


The company's name appears to be a mistranslation, as Thompson, the company's owner, is named after the Thompson submachine gun, and in keeping with this theme, "Trench Broom" was one of the nicknames for the gun. The company was originally named Trench Broom, but Trench Bloom is retained in the Viz Media Edition.


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