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Trevor (トレバー Toreba?) was a Mars Kingdom Parliament Army soldier who was part of Alpha Team during Operation Hagel, a joint military operation to recover Olympus Spaceport from the Neo-Third Reich Division. During the operation he was killed by Frau X.


Trevor had fair coloured eyebrows and visible wrinkles around the parts of his face that could be seen, suggesting that he was the oldest member of Alpha Team as well as its only non-cyborg member. During Operation Hagel he wore a black balaclava and a tuque as headgear with Mars Kingdom Parliament Army combat fatigues.


A month before the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591, Trevor was attached to Zazie's Alpha Team during Operation Hagel. After Alpha team secured the November Dome in cooperation with Beta Team, they were sent to provide backup to the Venus Foreign Legion's Squad Q. After the death of Mauer, Frau X killed Trevor by slicing his head open with a shoelace that she had taken off a Squad Q soldier.

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