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Ultra Jump
Ultra Jump 2010-07 issue
Phase 100 of Last Order was the final chapter published in Ultra Jump and was released in July 2010.
Frequency Monthly
Category Seinen manga
Company Shueisha
First issue October 19, 1999
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Ultra Jump (ウルトラ ジャンプ Urutora Janpu?) is a Japanese monthly seinen manga magazine published by Shueisha under the Jump line of magazines. Ashen Victor, Aqua Knight, Gunnm: Another Stories, and Last Order were published in Ultra Jump.


Although Battle Angel Alita was published in Shueisha's Business Jump, Yukito Kishiro's subsequent manga were published in Ultra Jump. Years of publication were as follows:

Kishiro put Last Order on hiatus by beginning in July 2010 following a dispute between him and an editor at Ultra Jump over a revision of dialog for the Gunnm: New Edition. After meeting with the editors of Ultra Jump and Evening in August, he ultimately decided to switch publishers from Shueisha to Kodansha. This ended the 20 year relationship between Kishiro and Shueisha. Last Order was announced to Evening's lineup in February 2011[1] and began publication in Evening the following month.

Covers and pinups[]

In addition to appearing on the cover of the July 2010 issue, Last Order was also featured on the following covers:

Kishiro also produced several pinups for Ultra Jump, which are detailed on the gallery section of his website.


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