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The Universe Karate Federation (abbreviated UKF), is one of the two major affiliations of Space Karate, the other being their rivals, the Solar System Karate Federation or SSKF.


The UKF arose following the collapse of human civilization due to the Geo Catastrophe in ES 55. It consists of a number of space karate schools. According to martial arts scholar Hegeor Hopper, the organization teaches "popular karate" and is often ridiculed for their political goals and commercialism.

Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament[]


Various members of the UKF who respond to Zekka's call in in Phase 73

A large delegation of SSKF representatives in their own spacecraft responds to Zekka's call to fill reserve slots prior to the Block B semifinals match of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament. Along with members of the SSKF and various representatives of other styles, more than a hundred karatekas show up. After Buttkiss of How-Now Karate attempts to talk Zekka into joining forces with the UKF, his head gets flattened into a palmite. Zekka then has the karatekas engage in a massive free for fall to see who will be left standing. Many members of the UKF are apparently killed though at least two of them, Daikoku of Seven Gods of Fortune Karate and Cube of Quadrilateral Karate, survive.


The following schools are shown to belong to the UKF:

  • How-Now Karate
  • Quadrilateral Karate
  • Robo Karate
  • Seven Gods of Fortune Karate


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