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The V-virus is a retrovirus that causes mutations in human DNA which result in the carriers exhibiting vampire-like characteristics, most notably pronounced canines and a thirst for blood. However, they are not vampires in the classic sense as they do not exhibit many of the characteristics traditionally associated with vampires. Nonetheless, they were regarded as such by the rest of humanity. The origins of the V-virus have not been made clear, but Type-V mutants, as these carriers are more properly known as, have existed throughout human history. Only in the late 20th century did advances in biology reveal that vampires were humans who had been infected with the V-virus.[1]

Transmission and effects[]

BAALO09 08 Haruka experiences Altered Shock

Haruka experiences Altered Shock after being bitten by Victor in ES 126 in a flashback in Phase 50.

While infection can be achieved through bites, the chances of an individual surviving the transmission of the V-Virus are extremely low. The body goes into a state of what the Cognate termed "Altered Shock" for 70 hours, during which the victim experiences hallucinations, agonizing pain, a drop in blood pressure, convulsions, muscle rigidity, and stupor. The survival rate is 1% among healthy individuals (between 19 and 25 years of age), and almost all children and the elderly die. A factor that may impact the survival rates is the temperature, as it decreases if this rises above 25°C during the onset of symptoms. The levels of growth and sex hormones are also thought to play a factor.[1]

After Victor Byron bit Haruka in ES 126 in an attempt to turn her into a Type-V mutant, she did not survive the ensuing Altered Shock and the realization that she would no longer be able to have children. Nano-infused antidotes can prevent infection, taking the form of, for example, a piece of candy that Caerula Sanguis showed to Aga Mbadi when she confronted him in a secluded hallway on Ketheres.[2]

Long-lived Type-V mutants can experience additional states of Altered Shock which would give them additional near superhuman abilities, which they referred to as "Satan's Honour." Victor gained the ability to gradually increase the hardness and durability of his body surface until it reached a near impenetrable armoured state. Vilma gained a regenerative ability that has allowed her to regrow a dismembered arm as well as revive from catastrophic injuries that would normally be fatal.


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