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BAA03 19 Valdicci racing
Valdicci in Battle 13.
Number 45
57 (former)
League Second
Third (former)
Nicknames "Valdy"
Debut Battle 13

Valdicci (バルデイチイ Barudeichii?) is a motorball player who was initially in the Third League, then moved up to the Second League. Alita raced against him twice.


Valdicci used a bipedal motorball body. He has a round, segmented head as well as plated armour protecting his chest and equips either a large axe or a blade and morning star combination weapon on one arm. In the Gunnm 3D special, his body is a metallic grey.


A veteran player[1], Valdicci was the "surrogate" through whom Daisuke Ido discovered motorball when Shumira bought him a monitor booth ticket after he saved her from some thugs and asked her about Alita. During Alita's fourth Third League race in ES 578[2] Valdicci had to pit, getting a leg and his arm weapon replaced. Nick, one of his pit crew, warned him about Alita, but he brushed off the warning. Timing his exit from the pit road, Valdicci successfully attacked the ball carrier, Degchalev, and was able to take the motorball from him. He was on track to winning the race until Alita defeated him at the finish line to take take her fourth straight Third League victory. Following the race Valdicci's trailer was shown adjacent to that for Höllzug and two trailers down from Esdoc Motors'.

Valdicci eventually moved up to the Second League and was in Alita’s Second League debut race, in which Halberd knocked him out of competition.[3]

Other appearances[]

Valdicci appears in the Gunnm 3D special, in which he is known as Galudiche. It showcases Alita in a Third League motorball race that depicts events and players from three of her races.


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  3. Battle 18 - Halberd takes out Valdicci with the Crescent Moon Kick.

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