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A Japanese Electro Heavy Metal band that is heavily influenced by Gunnm / Battle Angel Alita. Frank Shigetora is the main member of the band. It was announced on their website on 11/18/2011 that the 2nd album's cover for Revoltest would be drawn by Yukito Kishiro. He returned to draw the album cover for Psyde Arm.

Story context for the music[]

In AD 2385, mankind had advanced science and technology called DOTEC, and was extremely prosperous. However, all the cities of the earth are devastated by the sudden nuclear war, and the era of fear and violence comes.

American President James Langren forced the rule of the people by force. People are forced to obey, and resistance "rebels" that oppose oppression are formed in various places.

Among them, less than 10 small units suppressed thousands of government forces.

Their name is “VALKILLY”.


A special unit of cyborg and android. No, it ’s a band.

(text taken off of their Japanese page)

Album names[]

First Album: Steel Venus - released 02/25/2011

Second Album: Revoltest - released 12/12/2011

Third Album: Psyde Arm - Released 02/01/2019

Album covers[]

The covers for Revoltest and Psyde Arm were both designed and drawn by Yukito Kishiro.


Valkilly's official website:

Yukito Kishiro's website Yukitopia that shows a link to Valkilly: