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Van (ヴァン Vuan?) was a teenager who was one of Hugo's accomplices in his side job of stealing cyborg spinal columns.


Van had short, dark curly hair. He wore goggles that had a single horizontal slit and a face mask, as well as a cap with a havelock, a robe, pants, and boots.


Van and Tanji posed as members of Hugo's cyborg body waxing/lubrication team, which was a cover for the trio to lure unsuspecting victims into deserted alleys to steal their spinal columns. Hugo typically performed the work of paralysing the cyborgs and extracting their spinal columns while Tanji and Van acted as lookouts.

When Zapan posed as a customer and uncovered their operation, Van tried to flee after Tanji was killed but was quickly taken out by Zapan, who threw his knife so hard at Van that he was bisected. After Hugo managed to escape, Zapan took in Tanji and Van's heads for the bounty to Factory 33 where he encountered Daisuke Ido and Alita and broke the news that Hugo would become a bounty.


  • He was first misidentified as Danji/Tanji but Tanji was later shown to be wearing a different mask.[1]


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