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Vanado was a Coliseum fighter who was the third and final champion to appear.


A massive cyborg, Vanado's most prominent features were the tall spikes projecting from his shoulders. He had a smaller head with a pair of horns, a muscled torso, and his four large, spiked ratchet wheels were mounted to his arms. A character size chart in volume 2 of Gunnm Works shows that he was much larger than either Kinuba or Zaariki, while his shoulder blades made him taller than Den.[1]


It is suggested that the relationship between Vanado and his manager was not a close one, as immediately after Vanado's death the manager tried to strike a deal with Den to become the next Coliseum champion.


Vanado's techniques focused on the use of his ratchet wheels to soften an opponent up before he would close in to kill them using his claws.

  • Solar Calendar Wheel: Vanado would launch all four of his ratchet wheels to cut an opponent from four different directions.
  • Claws of Tonatiuh: An finishing move using his claws. It was never seen as Den launched a preemptive strike before Vanado could execute the attack.


BAA07 48 Death of Vanado

The death of Vanado in Battle 36.

Undefeated in 306 matches and 74 title defenses, in ES 590 Vanado headed out into the Badlands with his manager and a film crew to duel Den for the one million chip bounty that had been placed on him as there was no one left to fight in the coliseum. Den accepted after Vanado easily destroyed a Barjack armoured car. Vanado first attacked Den with Solar Calendar Wheel, slashing him with each of the ratchet wheels, but Den stood firm and took the attack. Vanado then attempted to finish him off with Claws of Tonatiuh, believing the fight to be over, but Den countered with a strike that split him down the middle with Zanshato, stating that a single strike was all he needed.


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