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Vares Hazard
BAALO11 37 Mercurius
Mercurius, which fell victim to the Vares Hazard, in Phase 64.
Date ES 469-472
Location Solar System
Outcome Over 20 million deaths
Surface of Mercurius transformed into gray goo
Participants Jean Vares
Appearance Phase 15 (Mentioned)
Phase 64 (Mentioned)
Phase 70 (Mentioned)

The Vares Hazard (ヴァレス・ハザード Vuaresu Hazādo?) was a series of nanotechnology-based terrorist acts committed from ES 469-472 by the Tipharean scientist Jean Vares.


Little was revealed about the Vares Hazard other than the following outcomes:

  • Over 20 million people were killed.
  • The surface of the planet Mercurius was transformed into gray goo, rendering it completely inhospitable to humans and thwarting any attempts to gather intelligence via probes.

Vares later revealed via a recording that was triggered by Aga Mbadi upon his capture of in ES 473 that he had attempted to learn how far human beings could "resist their own nature" by breaking down his own moral code to prove free will.[1] He was driven to such extremes by the discovery of the brain bio-chip and learning about his creation by the G.E.N.E. Project. Mbadi however kept the truth behind Vares' motives to himself and, transformed by having acquired Vares' bio-chip, used his enhanced abilities to later acquire the bio-chips of the surviving scientists created by the G.E.N.E. Project.


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