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The Venus Cup (金星杯 Kinboshi-Hai?) is a tournament held by the République Vénus to determine its seeded team prior to each Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT). The most recent champion is the Genome Kingdom, which defeated the prior champion, Le Béhémoth, to compete in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591.


The specifics of the Venus Cup are largely unknown to everyone except for those directly involved with it. The official story is that participants, who are allegedly all on par with a seeded team, fight each other for the spot as Venus' seeded team in the next Zenith of Things Tournament. Though Chief Gesigner Pissarro Créer de Vivre claimed that Venus promotes "free and open competition", it is suggested by Homme du Feu's flashbacks and some dialogue that the Venus Cup is really a large experiment conducted to test and weed out guignols through mortal combat. The most successful ones emerge to represent Venus in the ZOTT. It is implied that guignols start by fighting other guignols of their approximate size and age. When they mature, they take on larger foes. Homme de Feu, known as "Ygrec the Fingerchewer" at the time, was raised in the program and, being based on Zekka's DNA, became one of its most successful creations.

As the example of Le Béhémoth shows, defending ZOTT champions themselves have to requalify for the right to represent Venus in subsequent ZOTTs. The Ninth ZOTT champion was defeated by the Genome Kingdom, who represented Venus in the Tenth ZOTT.