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BAALO13 37 Venusian evolution
Evolution of the Venusian form in Phase 76.
Origin République Vénus
Type Fully human
Debut Phase 15

A Venusian is a citizen of the République Vénus. They are humans who have used bioengineering to deliberately alter their body shapes. Venus has a strong French influence, which is evident in names as well as in their pronounced love of food. Because of their consumption of infant meat hominid, a Venusian couple at the Metageitnion Restaurant on Ketheres thought that the Stellar Nursery Society children who ran into the restaurant looked delicious and wanted to try them out.[1]

Starting from a standard human body shape, Venusians gradually became shorter, but fatter. They currently favour a form called the "Humpty-Dumpty" silhouette[2], in which the body is composed of a very large head with skinny arms and legs. They tend to use specialised chairs to provide mobility, although one of Whophon's female followers was a young Venusian woman who did not use such a chair.[3] Venusians are fair skinned and wear some clothing over their arms and legs. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts Fournier as having fair skin.[4] He had a sort of advisor standing behind him who had a pronounced head, dark glasses, large ears, and elephant-like trunk for a mouth. This Venusian was supported by a cylindrical cyborg body.[5]

Pissarro Créer de Vivre's body was unique in that it was much smaller and unlike the Humpty-Dumpty, making him an exception. While he had a more "human" face, his ribs and spine were clearly visible through his skin and his legs were vetigial. He could only crawl and used a much larger and flamboyant haute couture biosuit that he piloted.

Other Appearances[]

Gunnm Works vol. 3 p

A Venusian in volume 3 of Gunnm Works.

Venusians appear in Gunnm: Martian Memory and are discussed in volume 3 of Gunnm Works. They have large, egg-shaped bodies, sit on white tricycle chairs, and wear red with yellow stripes. They have fair skin and white hair, and hold a leg of meat in one hand.


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