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BAA04 18 Vickers
Vickers in Battle 18
Japanese name ヴィッカーズ
Romanized name Vu~ikkāzu
English name Vickers
Number 37
League Second
Ranking 2 (Shared ranking with Gallant)
Relatives Gallant (Brother)
Debut Battle 18

Vickers (ヴィッカーズ Vu~ikkāzu?) is a Second League motorball player who competed in Alita's Second League debut race. He is the brother of fellow Second League player Gallant and together they are ranked second.


Both brothers have near-identical bipedal motorball bodies that are light coloured and with claws on each hand. Vickers' head however is more pointed than Gallant's.


Gallant and Vickers can maneuver very quickly and operate in tandem, using each other as a basis from which to perform aerial attacks against their opponents.


The brothers were manipulated by Peshkavus under Armblessed’s orders to take Alita out during her Second League debut race. Working with Ajakutty, Alita decapitated Gallant while he crashed Vickers.