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Victor Byron (ヴィクター・バイロン Vikutā Bairon?) was the last leader of The Society and husband of Vilma Fachiri. Following the Geo Catastrophe, he and his handful of followers wandered Earth, preying on surviving humans as a food source. Victor was the most powerful Type-V mutant until his defeat by Vilma in ES 126.


Victor was a large, fair skinned man with shoulder length black hair. He normally had light coloured eyes, but when aroused to battle fury his sclera would turn a dark colour while his irises became lighter. Victor's body was heavily scarred with numerous cuts and several gunshot wounds.[2]. He typically wore a light coloured ushanka, black fingerless gloves, a dark scarf, dark shirt, dark pants, and a long black coat. During the Crusades he wore chain mail with a dark surcoat that displayed a white cross. Following his betrayal, he was hanged wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants, and shortly after becoming a Type-V mutant he wore a cloak. When he confronted Vilma in Hong Kong in ES 32 he wore a dark top hat, dark coat, medium coloured waistcoat, white shirt, and dark pants with a cane as an accessory.

When using his special ability to armour his body, Victor's entire body, even his hair, transformed into scale-like plates, giving him a very reptilian appearance. His eyes also changed colour.


Based on his experience of being betrayed and turned into a Type-V mutant and as a result of his Christian beliefs, Victor saw his fate as being heaven-sent and his mission as one to rid the world of "every last sinful lamb". He had a deep distrust of all humans and saw Type-V mutants as the wolves who prey on human sheep. He spoke in an archaic manner reflecting his medieval origins.


Caerula Sanguis[]

Victor deeply loved and cared for the well being of his wife; when she disappeared in ES 69, Victor was beside himself in grief and depression, ready and willing to commit suicide to be reunited with her. Despite his contempt for humans, he was willing to accept an invite by the Bradley Shelter due to his wife's influence. After Caerula betrayed him to help the few human survivors left, he was more than ready to kill her for the act. Despite this, even in his final breaths, Victor would profess his undying love for her.

The Society[]

As the leader of the Society, Victor demanded loyalty from his fellow Type-V mutants and made it clear that any degrading comment towards him or his wife would be met with a swift death. While Victor showed care towards his fellow V types, it is implied that he held some in a higher respect and was willing to sacrifice them for his own means; an example of this was when he stopped Morse and Jacco from eating a potentially poisoned meal at the Bradley Shelter, but did nothing to stop Zapolska from doing so. He also mentioned to Caerula that he was more than willing to kill the others if she asked him to do so.[3]

The Farrell Family[]

It is believed at first, Victor showed respect and gratitude towards John and his father Colin for helping nurse Caerula back to health; this would be shattered when it was discovered that Colin engineered a trap for the Society upon their arrival to the Bradley Shelter. He would badly wound John and kill most of the other survivors, declaring how they would always be his enemy.

Fifty years later, while Victor would hold Arthur in contempt like his ancestors, he did applaud the youth for his ingenuity and foresight in strapping himself with explosives before approaching him and the other Type-V to ensure his survival.


BAALO09 102 Victor

Victor assumes his final form while in combat with Vilma in Phase 52.

Type-V mutant: As a Type-V mutant, Victor gained the following abilities:

  • Enhanced strength
  • Heightened senses
  • Immortality: Victor was the longest living Type-V mutant until his death, having lived for over 1,000 years.
  • Body armour: After having gone through and survived numerous states of Altered Shock due to his prolonged age, Victor could gradually increase the hardness and durability of his skin until it reached a near impenetrable armored state. This enabled him to withstand devastating amounts of damage that would kill any other Type-V mutant many times over and made him impervious to nearly all of Vilma's deadliest attacks. It appears that his body could instinctively do this in response to the degree of attacks that he faced. The final armored state however used up a lot of energy and would leave him in a coma for months.

Master swordsman: Victor used an unnamed arming sword during the First Crusade and would have used a sword fighting style from the period with centuries of experience. He was able to slice through the Gateway Arch with the sword and also used it as a projectile weapon.


Victor was born in 1066.[1] As an medieval English knight who participated in the First Crusade, he participated in the Battle of Antioch. Afterwards he was betrayed and hanged, becoming a Type-V mutant. His transformation deeply affected Victor, and he found meaning in it by seeing himself as God's will that he be reborn as a scourge on humanity; after a impression similar to a bite appears on his neck, Victor cries out that he is now a creature of the night.

He had risen to leadership of The Society when he challenged the recalcitrant Vilma Fachiri in Hong Kong in ES 32. After withstanding nine out of ten attacks that she threw at him in an attempt to kill him, Vilma capitulated and was unable to make her tenth attack. The two married at some point after.

Cognate Arc[]

Following the Geo Catastrophe in ES 55, Victor was one of a handful of Type-V mutants left. Accompanied by Vilma, Jacco, Morse, and Zapolska, he and his followers roamed the snow-covered post-apocalyptic world, killing and eating the humans they found in an area and before moving on.

In ES 126, the Cognate encountered Arthur Farrell, the grandson of John Farrell. Vilma's hope for humanity was rekindled, but she realized that Victor stood in the way and that there would be no chance for Merlin as long as Victor was still alive.[4] She attempted to kill him, but failed, getting dragged into a prolonged fight that nearly resulted in her death and Victor's near triumph, although he had to push himself to his full armored transformation to withstand her attacks. By chance, the impact winter ended as Merlin predicted, enabling Vilma to deal Victor a death blow before he finished her off. Believing that God had chosen the humans over the Cognate by ending the impact winter, Victor enjoined Vilma to watch over them and not grieve for him before he died and fell into the river. His sword was later recovered and placed in a mausoleum on the outskirts of Star City.


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