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Walrom (オーアヴルム Oavurumu?) is an informant and a member of the Informants Guild. He only appears in the side story Supersonic Fingers.


Walrom's true appearance is largely hidden by his clothing, possibly due to the nature of his job. He appears to be heavily cyberized, with cybernetic hands and a computer mounted in his left forearm. He wears a black mask with only the left eye visible and three white vertical dots where the right is. Over this he wears a light coloured cap and heavy robes with padded shoulders. From what can be seen of the visible skin around his left eye he is either quite old or heavily wrinkled.


Gunnm AS 133 Walrom

Walrom consults his forearm computer.

After Gally was shot at range by a mysterious assailant in ES 579,[1] five of her hunter-warrior friends banded together to find the culprit. They brought in the investigator known as the Nose to help them out and found the remains of a ball bearing that had been fired at Alita. This combined with the range at which the assailant had fired from and his use of an angled shot indicated that he was no junkie. The Nose suspected that it might be the work of the Sonic Finger.

Walrom was brought in to provide more information on the Sonic Finger, meeting with the hunters at Bar New Kansas. He revealed that the Sonic Finger was the only one who could damage a cyborg from a range of 50-100 meters by flicking a ball bearing with his hands. He also disclosed that 37 out of 43 of the killer's victims had died, including women and children, as he did not discriminate. Although his bounty was at 600,000 chips on the Black List, the Sonic Finger's use of throwing weapons did not count as firearms, thus the netmen would not get involved. At Teito's request for more information Walrom also pulled up the information that he had on Macheko, a renowned hunter-warrior in the Western District who had tried to take the Sonic Finger on but was killed. Teito was not happy with this, but Gally decided to challenge the Sonic Finger regardless.


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