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War-Men cover
Author Yukito Kishiro
Release date
Japanese release 1988

War-Men (ウォーメン U~ōmen?) is a doujinshi by Yukito Kishiro that was published in 1988 under the pen name Pen-Ou. It is based on a work from his second year of high school in January 1984. War-Men is posted on Kishiro's website in both Japanese and English.


Part I: Enlist[]

In a futuristic setting, Gimi Harcson receives a draft notice, which interrupts a project that he is working on. He consoles himself with the thought that war nowadays seldom involves the loss of human life, although he knows that he will not be able to drink his morning coffee for a while. The following morning he reports to the military orbital ring 400 km above the surface. Here he sees no one else but his fellow draftees, all men. They report a vast hall where they each occupy a pod with a neural interface. Through this interface they are indoctrinated and briefed on their mission, which will occur in space. In the meantime their bodies will be sustained mechanically.

The draftees depart via a large spaceship and will arrive at their destination in three days. In the meantime they are injected with drugs that will enhance their combat capabilities and suppress fear. In three days they will become perfectly trained Warmen.

Part II: Mission[]

The Wamen's target is the disposal facility of an enemy base. Although this is his first combat, Harcson feels no fear. Launched into the battle zone with each of them piloting a fighter, the Warmen attack the base. Despite defensive ECM, they are able to breach the defenses. Inside, one of Harcson's fellow Warmen is killed by an enemy Warmen and he takes some damage, which causes the chemicals being supplied to his brain to start to leak out. As they near their objective, the attackers are able to handle the enemy, but the loss of chemicals which suppress Harcson's fear starts to unnerve him. To guard against his fear he fights more aggressively as he reaches the disposal facility. Here he discovers that it contains the stored bodies of female Warmen who have been used up by fighting. Harcson realizes that he too is destined to fight until he meets the same fate, wondering if he will ever get to taste his morning coffee again.


Gunnm Works vol. 2 p

Warmen in vol. 2 of Gunnm Works.

The design of the fighters used by the Warmen influenced the design for the Jovian combatant Warmen in Gunnm: Martian Memory, which is the final opponent that Gally must face to win a Solar System-wide fighting tournament on Jeru. It is a small grey space ship with four thrusters and a tapered red tail. Warmen is armed with two cannons and can fire lightning and drop bombs.

In Last Order, the Jovian seeded team is Warmen 609, which has multiple forms and vastly greater combat capabilities. Orbital rings surround the Earth and Venus.

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