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Warmen 609 was the Jovian seeded team in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament. It consisted of a sole member that evolved into several forms when one form was defeated.

Warmen has its roots in a doujinshi published by Yukito Kishiro in 1988 titled War-Men that influenced the design of one of the tournament participants in Gunnm: Martian Memory.


Warmen 609 had a total of four forms that were designed for combat, with an untested prototype fifth form.

Warmen 609 cannot be considered a fighter but as an engine of destruction. It sported an array of menacing weapons and a gargantuan size (exactly the maximum allowed size according to tournament rules, first appearing as a solid sphere), coupled with the ability to change its form and thus adapt itself to the flow of battle. The longer the fight, the more powerful it becomes.

Warmen 609 is controlled by Jovians from a separate location, which actually contradicts the tournament's rules.


The Übernaut[]


The first form of Warmen 609, the Übernaut

The Übernaut was the first form taken by Warmen 609. It resembled a large, metallic orb and was tailored specifically for the tournament, its size and weight just below regulations. It fought Sechs in the semifinals, unleashing all of its arsenal against it, but was eventually destroyed when Sechs used his Implosion Fist technique during the Jupiter Mixer, obliterating it.


  • Polymer Capture: A high-speed steam projection that instantly recrystallizes into a cube (since it can be recycled and reused, it doesn't count as ammo by the Z.O.T. rules)
  • Metallic Helium Warheads: 300 times more explosive than HMX, metallic helium doesn't leave behind any toxic or radioactive fallout.
  • Jupiter Mixer: The Übernaut makes spinning motions, using the arena dirt to grow larger and obliterating anything on it (there are no Z.O.T. size regulations when the combatants are in the arena)

Voyna Barietsu[]


Voyna, the 2nd form of Warmen 609

A military tripod, Voyna is Warmen 609's second form. Like the Übenaut, it was made specifically for the tournament. Sechs was able to use plasma decoys to confuse its machine guns. In retaliation, it used its E.M.P. Net to trap him. As it prepared to finish him off, Zazie stepped in and fired bullets containing Berserker cells into it, causing it to mutate wildly into a Berserker. She then fired anti-Berserker rounds at it, causing it to swell up and explode, annihilating the beast and its next two forms.




The fifth and final form of Warmen 609, Tunguska

Formally known as Tunguska 28, this is Warmen 609's fifth and final form. Unlike the two previously seen forms, Tunguska is the prototype for the next generation of weapons, designed in anticipation of another interplanetary war. It used a reactor to create and weaponize a wormhole, the beam easily cutting through shields capable of withstanding a nuclear blast. Zazie used electric counter-measure grenades to temporarily blind it, allowing Sechs to use his Implosion Fist on it, though it proved completely ineffective. In the middle of the battle, Deckman 100 launched Alita's remains, including her brain bio-chip and the Fata Morgana, towards Sechs but Tunguska intercepted it. When it did, it suffered a powerful nanotechnological intrusion in its left hand and attempted to stop it by severing the limb, but was unsuccessful. The intrusion then spread to its head, resulting in a fully-regenerated Alita breaking out of it and destroying Tunguska completely.


  • Wormhole Reactor


  • Voyna is the Russian word for War.
  • Tunguska was named after the Tunguska Event.
  • The 100mm A.P.F.S. bullets are probably based on the 100 mm 3BM25 APFSDS (Armored Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot) cartridge, used in Soviet tanks in the 1980s.

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