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Water pressure converter
Eelai wearing the water pressure converter in Battle 48.
Type Water-fueled projectile weapon
Purpose Offense/Defense
Creator Desty Nova
Users Eelai
Debut Battle 48

The water pressure converter (水圧コンバーター Suiatsu Konbātā?) was a weapon used by Eelai which could shoot a high pressure stream of water at supersonic speeds powerful enough to cut through steel. It could also form a high pressure water shield that could block bullets and physical attacks. Desty Nova was its likely creator.


Eelai incorporated the converter into an outfit. The converter components consisted of boots that drew water from the ground and a high pressure hose with spikes worn around her right arm and shoulder[1] from which she could control and fire the water. She also wore a dark bikini, an elbow-length forearm glove on her left arm, and a collar to give the entire ensemble a BDSM look. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts the converter's hose being as purple and the rest of Eelai's outfit black.[2] In Gunnm: Martian Memory, the converter is a light blue while Eelai's outfit is the same colour.


After Alita infiltrated the Granite Inn in ES 590[3], Eelai attacked her with the converter by drawing from the water that Kaos had used to flood the exits and cut off Desty Nova's escape routes. After Alita's attempts to shoot Eelai were foiled and her pistol was destroyed, she used her Damascus Blade to cut through the high pressure water shield that Eelai threw up at a faster speed than the water, slicing her in half.

Other appearances[]

Eelai uses the water pressure converter during her fight with Gally in Gunnm: Martian Memory.


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