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Wild Guns
BAALO10 29 Wild Guns
Wild Guns depicted in a ZOTT recap in Phase 57
English name Wild Guns
Type Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament
Notable members Gilroy
Debut Phase 57

The Wild Guns were a team that competed in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT) and advanced to the Block-A Quarterfinals.


Led by their captain, Gilroy, the team included three other cyborgs and a bipedal robot/android. All were highly skilled shots, relying exclusively on their marksmanship. They were placed in Block-A, where they defeated Heavy Road in Round 1 by sniping them with head shots. In Round 2 they were matched up against the Saturn Gaudies, who conceded the match when caught in the Wild Guns' crosshairs.

The team met its match in the Quarterfinals where they faced Sechs, the sole member of the Space Angels to compete. After killing one of them with the Titan Blade, Sechs was able to turn their guns against them, killing the rest except for Gilroy, who he ended up in a Mexican standoff with. Gilroy tried to work out an arrangement with Sechs, whose gun may or may not have been out of ammunition. Sechs however refused, and instead of firing, dodged Gilroy's shot and rammed his gun into Gilroy's head, killing him to take the match.


  • Gilroy (team leader)
  • A dark-skinned cyborg with an afro armed with a large revolver
  • Two male cyborgs
  • A large bipedal robot/android armed with a cannon, miniguns, and grenade launchers

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