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Yani (ヤニ Yani?, Yani), often referred to as 'Yani the Cyber-tech', is a mechanic known for his ability to repair and create advanced robotic bodies. He offers his services to the Space Angels and joins their team during the second round of the Zenith of Things Tournament.


Yani is an elderly man with light colored hair and an enlarged forehead; in the center of his forehead appears to be a Phillips head screw that has been wedged into it. He is typically seen wearing a pair of overalls and a light cap on his head; Yani is a smoker and is usually seen smoking a crooked cigarette.




As his assistant for many years, it is believed that Yani was impressed with Derossi's skill in cybernetics. When it appeared he was about to be killed by the initial implosion attempt of the Super Fizziroy Body, he immediately entrusted Derossi to continue on with his life's work; this shows a high degree of trust between the two.


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At some point in his life, Yani decided to become a cyber mechanic and began referring to himself as 'Yani the Cyber-tech'. His work would eventually become famous and recognized by many people, his most famous work being designing and constructing the Fizziroy Body. After beginning his career, Yani eventually took on an assistant named Derossi that would go everywhere with him.


Guntroll Arc[]

It is believed that he provided the initial Fizziroy Body that Martin Tsang would acquire for Sechs in order for him to compete in the Z.O.T.T. After witnessing him competing, Yani approaches the Space Angels hanger and offers his services to repair and upgrade it further. He strikes an agreement with Sechs stating that he will repair his Fitzroy body on the condition that they are both (Derossi and himself) sheltered as honorary citizens if they win the common wealth status. He states that they will be taxed exempt. They reveal that they have no peacekeepers installed in them and they refuse to publish their Fitzroy tech because of the civilian tech tax by Ladder for non-peacekeeper installed individuals.

In Phase 40, Yani and Derossi successfully provide Sechs with the Super Fitzroy body.

In Phase 82, Yani and Derossi attempt to repair Zazie but are unable to.

In Phase 94, Yani calls Zekka and Sechs his sons during their fight and marvels at what the bodies he designed are capable of.

During Phase 97, Yani provides Sechs with a method on how to shut down a Fitzroy body for his Z.O.T.T. fight with Zekka.

In Phase 123, Yani leads the fight against the Robot King.

Relation to Zekka[]

Yani provided Zekka with his Fitzroy body.

Robotic Skill[]

It was revealed that Yani has worked on Zekka, Sechs, Elf, Zwolf, and Lambda Nam-Nam.

 Appeared in:[]

Phase 35, Phase 40, Phase 68, Phase 82, Phase 85, Phase 94, Phase 97, Phase 99, Phase 101, Phase 123, Phase 124


  • Yukito Kishiro held a drawing contest for new characters during the original run of Gunnm Last Order. "Yanni" was designed by Meshidoki-san of Tokyo, Japan. He is described as "He has a protruding forehead, reinforced by an implant and he gives good head butts." The photo submitted by Meshidoki-san only shows the shoulders up in the drawing and the rest of the character design is believed to have done by Yukito Kishiro.