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This unnamed individual was an original master of Panzer Kunst and the former instructor and mentor of Yoko.


This individual is seen wearing a large and tattered light colored cloak, hiding much of his body from view. What can be seen is that he possesses a humanoid form with thin arms and legs and the top of his head wrapped in bandages.

The most noteworthy aspect of this individual's appearance is his head and facial features. While resembling a human from a distance, he has a prominent forehead and wrinkled brow with sunken eye sockets; due to this, it is unknown if this individual actually possesses any eyes. The area around where his mouth would be is pulled back in ridges and there are metal plates with ears grafted to them; it is suggested the individual suffered from an injury that caused him to lose his ears at some point in time and had new ones attached or regrown. Finally, there is some kind of cylindrical apparatus that is believed to serve as a replacement mouth or voice box. This apparatus goes through the individual's entire head and comes out the back, angled in a downward direction.


While not much is seen of this individual, it is presumed that he was a fierce and dedicated practitioner of Panzer Kunst. He is also quite knowledgeable in several of the more advanced techniques and taught many students who would eventually becomes soldiers and practitioners of the fighting style.

Due to a comment made by him, this individual possibly viewed males as being more able of becoming Panzer Kunst practitioners; however, he was not fully against teaching females the art and would take several as students, including Alita.



Their relationship was not fully explored but it is presumed that this individual initially did not think too highly of Alita due to her being a female; this would change when he discovered that she was a natural born fighter and mastered his training regimen. During her hallucination and vision, this individual reminded Alita of the abilities that were hidden within her and urged her to use them.


Motorball Arc[]

Alita and her master

Alita encounters her old master in a vision

During a motorball competition, Alita is knocked back by a fellow competitor named Jashugan. When she prepares to strike back, she finds herself back on Mars and this individual appears behind her. Addressing Alita by her original name of Yoko, this individual remarks that she has mastered his rigorous training methods and passes on the ability known as Geheimnis to her. As she sees the chi projection of Jashugan appear before her, he reminds her of several advanced techniques including the great art known as Ars Magna. When Alita is struck by Jashugan, the individual and the Martian landscape disappears from her sight.[1]

Barjack Rebellion Arc[]

This individual would also appear in Alita's memories during her battle against AR-2 encouraging her to keep fighting and not forget her training.[2]


  • Due to only being prominently featured in one chapter of the original manga series and not making an appearance in 30 years of publication until Mars Chronicle[3], it had been speculated that he had been retconned in Last Order, being replaced by Gelda as Alita's Panzer Kunst master.