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Yuan Yang Ti Kon Chun
BAA03 133 Hanging Moon
Ajakutty using the Hanging Moon in the Heavens Kick against Alita in Battle 15.
Users Ajakutty
Vilma Fachiri
Related martial arts Asian Arts
Debut Battle 17

Yuan Yang Ti Kon Chun (Chinese: Yuanyang Digongquan) is a Chinese martial art which originated in Shandong. A variant of Ditangquan, it is practiced by Ajakutty as part of his Asian Arts and was taught to his disciple Skaramasakus. In Last Order, the Duck Fist (literally "Mandarin Duck Ground Boxing", Chinese: 鸭拳, Ya Quán) was learned by Vilma Fachiri while she lived in the Far East. Both martial arts use the same kanji and thus appear to be the same style.


Battle Angel Alita[]

BAA03 141 Hammer Force

Alita dodges the Hammer Force Hurricane Kick in Battle 15.

Ajakutty challenged Alita after she qualified for the Second League and refused to wear any number but 99, Ajakutty's number in the Second League. Because two players cannot wear the same number in each league, and he refused to relinquish it without a fight, the matter was settled in a best of three rounds practice match. Ajakutty won the first round and during the second used the Hanging Moon in the Heavens Kick and the Hammer Force Hurricane Kick, but to no avail and lost, deciding to forfeit the third match and surrender the number when he recognized Alita's superior abilities.

Prior to Alita’s Second League debut race, Ajakutty introduced his three disciples to her as potential candidates for her challenge race against Jashugan, including Skaramasakus, who had learned Yuan Yang Ti Kon Chun. During the race, Skaramasakus was the first to secure the motorball and was the leader for part of the race. However when Zafal Takie caught up to him as they neared one of the Hell Bridge areas, she dodged an attack that he aimed at her and countered by grabbing the motorball. Takie initiated a spin that forced Skaramasakus to brake to save himself. The spin maneuvered his arm holding the motorball onto a pillar, breaking off the arm at the wrist and sending Skaramasakus flying off the track. He did not survive the fall as Ajakutty later referred to his dead disciples following the race.[1]

Meanwhile in the race, Ajakutty took on the Second League champion Armblessed for the first time after witnessing the crushing defeat of Bargerald and Halberd at his hands. He was able to take one of Armblessed's legs by using Ti Kung Tui, but this set up Armblessed's Gushiken attack and he subsequently tore Ajakutty into pieces.

Following the race however, the two rivals found themselves sudden teammates when they were named to Alita's challenge team to take on Jashugan. During the race Ajakutty attempted to attack Jashugan with a kick but the latter countered by blocking it and using the Sidewinder to entangle the leg. Ajakutty tried to strike back with a punch, which was also blocked and countered with the Sidewinder. Jashugan then used both arms to tear Ajakutty's body into pieces. Ajakutty however survived the race and was subsequently recovered from the track.

Last Order[]

BAALO09 191 Norm

Norm in ES 191 in a flashback in Phase 55.

After she revived in ES 173, Vilma ran a martial arts school at Cosmetica in an attempt to earn her keep. She taught the Duck Fist to one of her students, Norm, who she considered mediocre. He nonetheless went on to pass the Duck Fist to future generations.[2]


  • Hammer Force Hurricane Kick: A kick that set up by facing an opponent and dropping into a forward roll, targeting their shin with one foot extended.
  • Hanging Moon in the Heavens Kick: The user gets in front of an opponent and falls forward while bringing up a foot to kick them in the chest or under the chin.
  • Ti Kung Chuan: Translated as "Crawling Scissor" or "Ground Style", a seriesof ground-based kicking techniques.
  • Ti Kung Tui: Translated as "Shin Strike from the Ground", the user strikes their opponent with the shin while on the ground.


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  2. Phase 55 - Three of Vilma's kung fu students are introduced.