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Yukitopia is Yukito Kishiro's official website, which has been active since 1999.[1] It is maintained by his younger brother Tsutomu.[2] The name is a portmanteau of Yukito and utopia. Yukitopia is bilingual, with separate Japanese and English sections.


Yukito Kishiro's blog screencap as of 2011-04-21

Yukito Kishiro's blog is one of the sections exclusive to the Japanese version of Yukitopia

The Japanese version contains some additional features that the English version does not, such as a chat room, Q&A section, Yukito and Tsutomu's blogs, character polls, and additional downloads. It also announces which reader-submitted character designs were adapted for Last Order. The English version of the website contains the following sections:

  • Profile
  • BAA Last Order
  • Battle Angel Alita
  • Aqua Knight
  • Other Works
  • Gallery
  • Fan art
  • Yukitopia Forum
  • Yukito's room
  • Downloads
  • FAQ
  • E-Mail

Readers may submit fan art which is then posted online.[3]


  1. mentions "Since 1999."
  2. The Profile section on Tsutomu mentions that he has been the the webmaster since 1999.
  3. The Fan Art sections contains instructions on how to submit artwork.

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