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Yunie Holberg, typically called Yunie, is a young girl who lives on the crashed ship Dejah Thoris on Mars and helps out Big Madam around the ship. She generally has a very innocent personality and holds a strong belief in the idea of Fairies. Yunie even at times believes that she can become possessed by a Fairy with strong combat abilities.


Yunie has the appearance of a skinny young fair skinned girl with blonde hair that goes to her waist. She is always seen wearing a headband with a seashell and feather decoration at the top left. She also wears a sleeveless button-up coat that goes down to her ankles cinched at the waist with a belt with black pants underneath. She also wears boots. When she first appears, she is seen wearing a rectangular paper bag over her head with eyeholes cut out of it.[1]

When Yunie undergoes her Fairy transformation, her possessed body loses color in the eyes and her face takes on a much more serious and neutral expression. Yunie's original personality hovers over her physical body as a totally white phantom with a whispy tail instead of legs that is invisible to all but herself.[2]



Yunie has a very innocent personality to the point of being labeled stupidity by Erica, especially for her age.[1] She holds a strong belief in the idea that Fairies exist to the point where she attributes her own strange abilities to a Fairy and fully believes Erica and Yoko are fairies as well. She also seems relatively selfless due to the fact that she is willing to put her own body at risk for others and help out around Dejah Thoris as much as possible.


Erica Wald[]

Yunie at first is full of admiration for Erica. She mistakes Erica for a fairy and Erica plays along pretending to be a Fairy Princess. Yunie proceeds to bow down to Erica. However, later on she becomes somewhat scared when she sees Erica's true more malevolent nature.[1]

Big Madam[]

Big Madam exerts a lot of authority on Dejah Thoris and Yunie seems to operate as her helping hand around the ship. She respects Big Madam and follows her orders without argument but also seems intimidated at the same time. For example, when she felt she was being interrogated over something she immediately confessed to crimes she had not been asked about yet.[3]


MC036 Yunie dust devil

Yunie using her Dust Devil abilities in Log 036 part 2.

Although the full extent and origin of her abilities are largely unclear, Yunie possesses an affinity for advanced martial arts. Most of these powers are kept within her possession of what she believes to be a Fairy. This possessed form of hers was also labeled a Dust Devil by locals of Dejah Thoris. In Dust Devil form, Yunie gains enhanced speed, reflexes, strength, and talent.[4] She was shown using any objects within her grasp to maximize her combat potential such as a broomstick and rifles stolen from enemy combatants. The primary method of combat she participated in was attaching rifles to the handle of the broomstick to the inside of the trigger guards of the rifles, spinning them around causing them to fire at enemies with devastating results.[5]

Even in her normal state Yunie possesses keen instincts. When Erica tries to attack her upon their first meeting, Yunie effortlessly deflects Erica's knife strike. Erica even comments on the fact that that must have taken skill to pull off.[1]


Mars Chronicle[]

Yunie lived on the crashed ship that became a city known as Dejah Thoris. She seemed familiar with the ship and was responsible for escorting people such as Keun the Kaufmann around as well as doing general chores and duties for Big Madam, the leader of a large portion of Dejah Thoris.

In ES 374, Yunie finds evidence that the pests rumored to wander around Dejah Thoris stealing food were not mere pests but in fact human children. She however assumed them to be fairies and sought them out to befriend them. These children were Erica and Yoko. After escaping a small violent confrontation with Erica unharmed, she convinces them to befriend her and is soon caught by Big Madam for harboring unknown visitors.[3]

After listening in to a discussion between Keun and Big Madam, Yunie was presumably instructed to guide Keun to the location of some old Dejah Thoris records. On the way to their destination, they along with Yoko and Erica were captured by Fardarrig soldiers.[6] Before they could be killed off, Yunie became possessed by the Dust Devil and managed to fend off the Fardarrig forces alone using her broomstick method long enough for Grünthal Künstlers to show up and end the battle.[4]


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