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Zafal Takié
BAA03 181 Zafal Takie
Zafal Takié in Battle 17
Japanese name ザファル・タキエ
Romanized name Zafarutakie
English name Zafal Takié
Status unknown
Number 7
League Second
Nicknames "Crimson Wind"
Debut Battle 17

Zafal Takié is a Second League motorball player who was one of the members of Alita's challenge team that took on Jashugan in ES 578.[1] She was the only other female player shown besides Alita.


A slim, dark skinned woman with a buzz cut, Takié is similar in appearance to Jamaican-American entertainer Grace Jones. She uses a medium-coloured bipedal motorball body that does not have any weapons equipped. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts her armor as being hot pink.[2] In Gunnm: Martian Memory she has red armour.


Despite her acclaim and skill, Takié is a very quiet person, and did not speak once during the time that she appeared in the story, even during her races while battling other players.


Takié is perhaps the fastest motorball player seen. Her fighting style places an emphasis on defensive techniques, which fits in well with her strategy of getting opponents to attack her, dodging using her impressive speed, then counterattacking.


Takié had won three straight races since her Second League debut, and was skilled enough to get within speaking distance of Alita without the latter noticing until the last minute prior to the latter's Second League debut race.

In the race, Takié maneuvered Skaramasakus off the track and into the crash area, claiming the motorball. She then challenged Alita, winning their initial confrontation by skillfully executing her strategy of dodging Alita's attack and counterattacking, forcing Alita to pit. However Alita used this against her during their second confrontation after she returned to the track and was able to trap her. The fight between the two enabled Tiegel to win, although Takié's performance earned her a spot on Alita’s challenge team.

Zafal sliced in two

Zafal is bisected by Jashugan using one of Armblessed's chains

During the challenge race, Jashugan sliced Takié in half while she was reaching for the motorball with one of Armblessed’s chain blades. It is implied that she survived because her brain remained intact, although she was not explicitly shown being picked up by a recovery crew.

Other appearances[]

Takié appears in Gunnm: Martian Memory, where she is the boss of the fourth motorball race.


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