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Zapan (movie)

Zapan, as he appears in the movie

Bold textZapan is a vain Hunter-Warrior who owned the Damascus Blade before Alita. He is a minor antagonist in the live action film.After he attempts to assassinate Hugo, Alita uses his own sword to slice off part of his face and keeps the blade for herself. It is unknown where Zapan got the Damascus Blade and he appears reluctant to talk about it, but Alita asserts that he never deserved it in the first place.


Zapan is extremely vain and particularly obsessed with his face, sounding heartbroken when Alita slices off part of it with the Damascus Blade. He never reveals where or how he got the Damascus Blade, implying that he may have obtained it through underhanded methods. When he first meets Alita, Zapan sees her as a pretty and harmless girl and starts flirting with her as well as mocking her in front of the other Hunter Warriors when she tells him that she's one of them. Although Zapan offers to take Alita under his wing, his treatment of her shows that he's only interested in her physical appearance.

However, Zapan is also man who can dish out taunts and insults but can't take them in return, so when Alita cheekily responds to his demeaning behaviour by making fun of his face and hair, he threatens to teach her some manners. When he actually tries to do this, Alita easily fends him off and humiliates him in front of his colleagues. Angry and embarrassed, Zapan tells Grewishka "She's all yours" when he arrives to get his revenge on Alita and walks away.

Zapan is also the Hunter Warrior who goes after Hugo and shows how dishonourable he is by framing him for murder and attempting to execute him for the crime that Zapan himself had committed. When Alita intervenes, Zapan sadistically shows her that Hugo hadn't been entirely honest with her and even encourages her to "Make the kill" herself, seemingly unintimidated when she threatens to kill him despite having been beaten by her in the past. When she doesn't kill Hugo, Zapan stabs him and as Alita carries her wounded boyfriend into the church, he mockingly calls that she'd better finish him before the other Hunter Warriors can. When Alita returns with Hugo's severed head, Zapan is the only one who realises that Alita's heart is keeping Hugo alive but doesn't reveal it immediately because he's too distracted by the grief of losing his good looks when Alita slices off part of his face.


Zapan owns the Damascus Blade before Alita, but she asserts that he never deserved it. Zapan is more bark than bite and prefers to show off the fact that he has the blade rather than learn to actually wield it. Although he offers to teach Alita, he is no match for her in combat even whilst she's unarmed.

Fighting Style[]

Zapan fights with his blade all the time. He is fast and powerful but has trouble adapting when dealing with stronger opponents and shows fear when Alita hits or threatens him. Moreover he was easily beaten by Alita