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Zappa Terracotta is a graduate of the Stellar Nursery Society (SNS) who was dropped off on Ceres in ES 560 with a group of four other graduates including Molonev Menhir, who would eventually become Springfoot Jack.


"Zap" as he was known, was a tall young man with dark hair and glasses in ES 560. He was dressed in a long, dark coat with a high collar.


Out of the five graduates, Terracotta displayed a sense of authority and the most maturity, breaking up Alef Argento's attempt to rob Menhir without having to resort to force. He did not respond to Argento's provocation that he was a goody two-shoes and a kiss up and saw-his and Jimmy Pimiento's attitudes as childish. Terracotta vowed to not to let himself be looked down upon for being an SNS orphan and to work his way up until he would be strong enough to change the world.


Terracotta was an orphan who was rescued by the SNS from a planet, thus being assigned "Terracotta" as a surname.[1] After he turned 15 in ES 560, he was considered to have "graduated" and on March 20, was dropped off on Ceres along with four other graduates: Alef Argento, Molonev Menhir, Jimmy Pimiento, and Daizaburo Sato. Menhir was distraught over having to leave the nest, and Sato tried to comfort him. Argento took advantage of the situation by trying to take their money by force, but was stopped by Terracotta, who questioned what he would do next. He viewed them as kids and was determined to make something of himself despite being an SNS orphan. Terracotta's drive impressed Sato and was in contrast to his and Menhir's lack of ambition. All five graduates went their separate ways, with Terracotta being the only member of the group to set off by himself.


  • Terracotta, Terra cotta or Terra-cotta (Italian for "baked earth" from the Latin terra cocta) is a clay-based unglazed ceramic, although the term can also be applied to glazed ceramics where the fired body is porous and red in color.


  1. Phase 41 - The naming convention for surnames used by the SNS to designate where an orphan was found is explained.

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