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Zazie Style
BAALO16 135 Zazie in combat
Zazie in combat in Phase 98.
Creator Zazie
Users Zazie
Related martial arts Space Karate
Ting Jing
Panzer Kunst
Debut Phase 15

Zazie Style (ザジ式 Zaji-Shiki?) is Zazie's own personal fighting style. It places heavy emphasis on the use of various weapons and munitions with some elements of close range martial arts. Zazie's tactical and strategic genius, weapons mastery, and range of combat experience make her style a very eclectic but highly effective form of combat.


Zazie has a long history of combat dating back to her time as a member of Colonel Payne's juvenile infantry school. She survived being regularly placed in the Combat Chamber and was able to eventually leave, entering the service of the infant Queen Limeira on Mars. This posed its own challenges because of the division of the planet between three and later four rival factions. Zazie went on to become Limeira's bodyguard and a highly regarded member of the Mars Kingdom Parliament Army's special forces.


A key component of Zazie Style is the use of various weapons and ordnance. Zazie is typically very heavily armed, carrying numerous weapons and ordnance underneath a trench coat, and can use dual wield.


The following firearms were unnamed:

  • Assault rifle
  • Grenade launcher
  • Large caliber five shot revolver
  • Semi-automatic pistols
  • Shotgun
  • Submachine gun



For close combat Zazie used the super ceramic knife, which was capable of withstanding plasma-heated temperatures which was later disabled by Erica. She is also skilled at fighting in the zero gravity of outer space.


  • Bomb shield
  • Exo-Arms
  • Space suit

Hand to hand combat[]

Zazie is a highly skilled knife fighter and has some familiarity with martial arts, including Ting Jing. She claims to have also "done a little karate" as well, although the specific style was not mentioned.[1] She also has an elementary knowledge of Panzer Kunst and is familiar with oscillation punches, thus she was able to negate Alita's use of the Hertza Haeon with an oscillation strike of her own. She has gained direct experience about Panzer Kunst from fighting Alita and later Erica, but acknowledged that there is still a lot more that is unknown.