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For the current Zenith of Things Tournament, see Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament.
Zenith of Things Tournament
Japanese name 森羅天頂武闘大会
Romanized name Mori Ra tenchō butō taikai
English name Zenith of Things Tournament
Date Every 10 years beginning in ES 491
Location Onion Frame
Outcome The tournament winner becomes internationally recognized as an independent nation, which has yet to happen
Affiliations involved

The Zenith of Things Tournament (abbreviated ZOTT) is a LADDER-sponsored fighting tournament held once every ten years that is introduced in Last Order. The Tenth ZOTT, which takes place in ES 591, forms a large part of the story of Last Order thus far. The prize for the winning team is the granting of status as a commonwealth nation. To date however, the victors have always been the Jovian or Venusian seeded teams, who have loyally turned down this prize each time.

While Jupiter has won the first five tournaments, the current defending champion is the Venusian team Le Béhémoth. Le Béhémoth however was eliminated by the Genome Kingdom in the Venus Cup, and thus did not represent Venus in the Tenth ZOTT.


The ZOTT was first established in ES 491 by Aga Mbadi as an experiment to see how robots would fare against trained soldiers in combat conditions. It later became a form of entertainment and is broadcast throughout the Solar System by Combat TV.

Tenth ZOTT[]

Main article: Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament


Ostensibly a Solar System-wide tournament, the ZOTT's hidden purpose is to preserve the status quo by drawing out potentially hazardous elements and eliminating them. This ensures that the balance of power that exists between LADDER and the Solar System's two superpowers, the Jupiter System Union and the République Vénus, is maintained. The rules were tailored to ensure that no private team would ever pass the semifinals and that one of the seeded teams would always come out the victor.


  • Each team may have up to five players per match, not including pit crew and reserve fighters, who may fight simultaneously (any creatures spawned within the arena during the fights do not violate the limit).
  • There is no limit to the number of weapons, but the total weight of the gunpowder brought into the game may not exceed 5% of the fighters' total weight.
  • Fighters need to be between 5 centimeters and 50 meters tall and may not be heavier than 500 tons (once they are inside the arena, however, they may change size and weight beyond the limitations).
  • Players have to be fully autonomous robots, cyborgs or humans; neither artificial intelligence guidance systems for weapons nor control from outside the battlefield is allowed.
  • Each fight lasts for up to 60 minutes or until all members of one team are dead, incapacitated or forfeit.