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BAA09 165 Zubringer
Yoko gets into a zubringer and uses it as an escape capsule in Battle 51.
Purpose Stealth space suit
Escape capsule in emergencies
Users Alita
Debut Battle 51

The zubringer (German for "shuttle") was a highly advanced material composed of nanomachines that was used by Künstlers during the Terraforming Wars.


The zubringer had a gel-like form and was used to protect cyborgs from extreme radiation and temperatures in space. Because the zubringer could be electronically controlled to alter its shape, colour, and rigidity, it could be used as a highly effective stealth space suit. It was mentioned that the zubringer could also be used to hold the user in suspended animation, but there was no evidence that they could be brought out of stasis.


In her previous life as Yoko, Alita was on a Martian spacecraft with a group of Künstlers whose final mission was the destruction of Ketheres Elyion and Earth's orbital ring during the Terraforming Wars. They were to accomplish this by individually using zubringers to aim for Ketheres Elyion and then detonate portable nuclear devices to collapse the orbital ring. When the spacecraft was suddenly attacked by a mysterious opponent, Yoko escaped using the zubringer, but her limbs and lower body were torn off. She eventually crash landed on Earth and remained in stasis until she was revived 200 years later by Daisuke Ido.

In Last Order, how Alita arrived on Earth was retconned, as she was sentenced to atmospheric immolation as punishment for carrying out Operation Maulwurf.

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